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Get up close and personal with some of the world's most majestic creatures as you visit our spectacular venue! Excellently nestled in the heart of the stunning Kent countryside, our 6-acre Birds of Prey centre is sure to provide you with an awe-inspiring experience as you discover the sheer beauty of an Owl, the cunning predatory ability of a Hawk, the dashing speed of a beloved Eagle and much, much more! With something for everyone, this remarkable experience is sure to provide you with an enjoyable day out to remember as you come into contact and receive interesting facts about the amazing birds.
Spectators Welcome. A small entrance fee to the centre needs paying for each spectator. This must be booked in advance directly with the instructors once the experience is booked. As well as providing you with an awe-inspiring Birds of Prey experience to remember, our spectacular venue also strives to make your day all that more easier by providing you with a range of facilities. Facilities on hand include a car park, a café which serves food all day, toilets and meeting/conference rooms for those looking to host a corporate event.
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Half Day Falconry Experience


A 1-hour and 50-minute birds of prey experience awaits you as you take advantage of this spectacular package! Taking possession of some of the world's most majestic birds, you'll get to experience first hand the sheer beauty and power that animals like the Owls and Hawks possess! Upon arrival at our Birds of Prey venue, you'll be equipped with all the latest safety gear whilst being presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors.

N.B. : Holding and flying of variety of owls and hawks

Restrictions: MinAge: 8,  MinGroup: 1,  MaxGroup: 4, 

Introductory Falconry Experience


An extensive 5 hour and 30 minutes Go Falconry experience awaits a bird-lover and adventure-seeker as they visit our spectacular 6-acre venue in the stunning surroundings of the Kent countryside! This action-packed package comes with expert tuition - with our qualified and experienced instructors providing you with intriguing facts and important tips and tricks that'll allow you to correctly hold a range of birds including eagles, owls and vultures! When you arrive, you'll be equipped with all the latest safety gear and will be presented with a full safety briefing.

N.B. : Basic skill training, holding and flying of bird of prey including eagle, owls and vultures

Restrictions: MinAge: 8,  MinGroup: 1,  MaxGroup: 4, 

Half Day Owl Encounter


The beloved companion of Wizards like Harry Potter for a reason, the majestic Owls are a creature used to being adored and admired - and now it'll be your chance to take a hold of one! This near 2-hour experience at our spectacular venue in Kent will see you discover the secrets of one of the UK's most loved birds, handling them and learning all the distinct differences between the range of species which include the Bengal Eagle Owl and the Eurasian Eagle Owl! Upon arrival at our venue, you'll be equipped with all the latest safety gear whilst being presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors.

N.B. : Holding and flying of different owls

Restrictions: MinAge: 8,  MinGroup: 1,  MaxGroup: 4, 

Hawk Walk


The perfect introduction to the ancient sport of falconry, this spectacular 30-minute package is perfect for adults and children alike! When you arrive, you'll first be acquainted with the majestic hawk that you'll by flying whilst being shown a few essential skills needed to handle the birds safely by our qualified and experienced instructors. After that, you'll take a stroll through a 6-acre nature trail whilst the Hawk gracefully follows you! Upon arrival at our venue, you'll be equipped with all the latest safety gear whilst being presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors.

Restrictions: MinAge: 8,  MinGroup: 1,  MaxGroup: 4, 

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Experience first hand the sheer beauty of some of the world's most majestic birds of prey as you visit one our spectacular venues across the UK and Ireland! A beautiful activity for the whole family to enjoy, with those as young as 6 being able to take part in the experience, you'll discover the rich history of these birds as well as receiving expert tuition from our qualified instructors on how to handle them. Full equipment, as well as a full safety briefing, will be provided to you upon arrival.

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  • Facilities

        • Car Parking
        • Refreshments Available
        • Toilets
        • Catering Available
        • Conference Facilities Available
        • Spectators Welcome - Standard entrance fee on the day



      • Coolings Green & Pleasant
      • Main Road
      • Knockholt
      • TN14 7LJ
      Excellently placed just a short journey away from London's vibrant city centre and the energetic town of Croydon, you'll never be short of other amazing things to do after you've experienced a breathtaking birds of prey experience! We're easily accessible for bird lovers just off the M25. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

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