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A fun mix of Paintball and Archery coupled with the chaotic rules of Dodgeball, Combat Archery is one of the best group activities around! Each team, consisting of 5 players, has a ‘5-Spot Knockout Target’ and there are 2 objectives when playing the game. Working together with your team, you must fire the foam-tipped arrows and tag your opponent to eliminate them or knock down the five discs of the opposing team's target. If you catch an opponents arrow, they’ll be out and you can tag one of your own players back in from the dead! When you arrive at our Combat Archery venue in York, you’ll be presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors whilst being equipped with all the latest safety gear needed to participate.
As well as providing you with a fun-filled Combat Archery experience, our Combat Archery venue in York has plenty of other facilities to make your day easier and more enjoyable. Facilities at our venue include changing facilities, toilets, a car park, a bar and much, much more.
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90 Minute Combat Archery


Restrictions: MinAge: 10,  MinGroup: 10,  MaxGroup: 30, 

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Arm yourself with special foam-tipped arrows as you compete against the enemy in a Hunger Games like experience in the adrenaline-filled and hilariously fun combat sport of Combat Archery! Mixing together Dodgeball's entertaining rules with the ancient art of archery, this competitive action will take place on a custom-built outdoor or indoor battlefield. Those as young as 7 years old are able to take part in the fun. Upon arrival at any one of our venues across the UK and Ireland, you'll be equipped with all the latest safety gear.

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    • Stirling Rd
    • York YO30 4TU
    Excellently placed just moments away from the vibrant city centre of York, you and your group are guaranteed to have plenty of things to do once you’ve experienced the fast-paced shooting action of Combat Archery at our venue in York! We’re easily accessible via the A1237 via the A1. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

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