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Closest venues to Maidenhead

Below are the 8 nearest locations to Maidenhead.

  • Maidenhead Combat Archery

    Min. Age 7

    0.2 miles from Maidenhead

    With a selection of inflatable bunkers and barricades to take cover behind our Maidenhead combat archery arena is the perfect place to experience the rush of battling it out in the ultimate game of elimination!
  • Maidenhead Scuba Diving

    Min. Age 10

    1.3 miles from Maidenhead

    If you were looking for the ultimate Scuba Diving experience, you've just found it! Here at our fantastic Maidenhead venue, we provide nothing less.
  • Maidenhead Bubble Football

    Min. Age 10

    1.8 miles from Maidenhead

    An enjoyable footballing experience with an adrenaline-filled twist, Bubble Football in Maidenhead is a must-do for everyone, no matter your footballing skills!
  • Maidenhead Wind Surfing

    Min. Age 10

    2.0 miles from Maidenhead

    Windsurfing is exhilarating, addictive and great fun. The sport combines aspects of both sailing and surfing, along with certain athletic aspects shared with other board sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, waterskiing, and wakeboarding. Using specialist techniques it's easy to learn and takes only a short time before you're up and sailing!

  • Braywick Kayaking

    Min. Age 8

    2.0 miles from Maidenhead

    We are delighted to offer a spectacular kayaking event that will really test your water based skills in what will be a truly enthralling aquatic adventure! Take to our stunning waters aboard top of the range kayaks and with our expert tuition learn all the skills of Kayaking.

  • Bray, Windsor Bungee Jumping

    Min. Age 14

    2.0 miles from Maidenhead

    160ft Bungee or 300ft Bungee from a crane. By far the most popular type of jump in the UK with fantastic locations nationwide this jump will certainly get the heart racing. It's where all of our crew started their bungee jumping careers and it definitely won't disappoint!

    This is a mobile Bungee location and is available on selected dates only

  • Bray, Windsor Segway

    Min. Age 11

    2.0 miles from Maidenhead

    The perfect setting for a Segway experience having the advantage of taking place lakeside and within woodland setting.
  • Maidenhead Off Road Shredder

    Min. Age 16

    2.0 miles from Maidenhead

    Shredders are tailor-made for all terrain action, and with variety of off-road tracks and trails to explore our Maidenhead venue is the perfect place to put them through their paces.